Posted On 22/04/16

We wanted to make a place where we could put all of the bits of press that we’ve had so far together so…dun-dah-dah. We’ll update any new bits that we get in to here too!

What it’s like to do what you love, Project Love, 4th April 2016

PP Project Love




London’s Best Interview podcasts, Evening Standard, 22nd October 2015

So you’re over Serial and you’ve subscribed to Kermode and Mayo for years but you still want more audio inspo? The real beauty of podcasts is in free-flowing interviews that aren’t constrained by radio show formats. Eavesdrop on these five. (Discraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip, Passion Pods, The Adam Buxton Podcast, Desert Island Discs & The Comedian’s Comedian)

ES Passion Pod ColumnES Passion Pod Individual






What Inspires Me: Emily Chiswell of Passion Pods, Virgin Media Pioneers, 2nd March 2015

PP Virgin Media Pioneers Final