posted on 11/07/16


A whole 100 of these little beauties?!#100 life-true tales from such adventurous, hugely brave and massively inspiring folk – what an absolute honour.

Initially I was using these tales to encourage myself on my own creative adventures. I then decided to get a mic involved in the hope that I might be able to inspire a few other bods with these encouraging and motivating conversations I was having. Also, because this game can be so hard and so lonely at times and that’s always frustrated me. Why should people that want to create and make and work slightly differently from the norm be put off or struggle more than is necessary. It’s hard enough – surely we just need to find a few bits and pieces here and there that make it a bit easier?!

Now we’re 100 in, it’s safe to say that these wee natters of ours can now play a little part in that. Emails and tweets about listeners applying for internships with some of our podders, or using our natters as motivation at the start of your days and weeks. Small, little things for sure but from our end it’s hard to put in to actual human words how utterly brilliant it is to hear that’s how they’re being used. It’s a well known secret that as well as spreading some of the good stuff these are actually also quite selfish. Despite being a fair old challenge at times, all of our podders have been such an encouragement to me on my endevours and overall just one heck of a soul-satisfier.

So thank you…SO massively hugely much. For listening, for chatting, for sharing. If you’re thinking about scratching your itch, then do it…and if you need some encouragement you know where to put your ears!

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