#101 Fun Science
posted on 18/07/16


Glow in the dark, glittery, magnetic – Cressida Bullock  founder of Fun Science makes slime for a living. She also sets children’s hands on fire (safely, obvs), hand makes toothpaste and those experiments are just for starters. Scientific Children’s Entertainer never came up on the job options list for Cress funnily enough but that’s exactly the gig that she’s now created for herself.

Cress set up this little number whilst she was still studying at uni to make a bit more money at the weekends. To kick it off she chucked £200 in to it and a fair old wadge of her time and five years later she’s now got it franchised out all over the country. Pretty awesome way to get your career going the way you want it right from the off isn’t it?! As a result it means this pod has some ace advice that’s extra handy if you’re early on in your job life as well as some wisdom to impart way beyond her years. She makes slime for goodness sake – what isn’t to love?!

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