#102 Raise the Roof
posted on 25/07/16


Becoming a camerawoman is a tough enough gig to break in to but it didn’t seem quite enough for Holly Bantleman. She was so affected by a visit to a community in Kenya, one boy that she met in particular, that at 21 years old she decided to raise a few bob to fund some new roofs for them and dun-dah-dah Raise the Roof was born. Today it looks much bigger though; they have a vocational training school out in Kenya, a gender programme called Raise her Voice and a whole host of different social enterprises and sustainable businesses. Quite the soul satisfying empire that’s for sure!

With her focus on working back to where the problems stem from, Holly’s mission is to empower the communities and people that she’s working with to fulfill their visions for sustainability and development. Balancing that and her work as a camerawoman has not been an easy juggle though, a challenge indeed to hop between two such totally different worlds but it does make for an absolutely uber inspiring natter!

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