#103 Gemma Compton
posted on 01/08/16


Painting for a living is what led Gemma Compton to the wall we found her decorating for this year’s Upfest. Not a bad place to making your mark really is it?! After graduating with a First in her degree right at the time of the economic crash a few years ago, it has taken serious perseverance (as well as a load of pub and retail jobs!) for Gemma to be in the place that she is now, working as an artist full time.

For a pretty private person this mahusive wall sized piece for Upfest has been a step out of her comfort zone for Gemma which means that this podcast is stuffed full of some pretty insightful bits and pieces that she’s picked up from taking on that challenge. She’s also a big believer in celebrating your individuality and creating work that is passionate for you which means that this natter of ours is fodder for the creative soul if ever there was some!

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