#104 Luke Keen
posted on 08/08/16


Comedy and flowers. Not a combo you’d usually put together is it really. Well, not unless you’d met Luke Keen in which case it’s a match made in heaven. After taking up gardening to sooth the noise that making comedy (or to be honest, most creative adventures!) can create in your head, this gem of a human started to ask himself whether a swap around of focus might be in order. And now…he’s a gardener a newly completed RHS Horitcultural course stuffed under his arm, who’s volunteering to create the beauty of a flower bed in Victoria Park in Bristol.

Without a jot of funding or financials whatsoever but with a lot of time up his sleeve, this pod of  Luke’s is an ace example of the power of what you can achieve if you really want to. Chuck a bit of determination in to that concoction and a sprinkling of social media-ing and you’ve got yourself one mighty fine looking flower bed for starters. Although Luke’s adventures ain’t your run of the mill, this natter of his has some pretty seriously brilliant advice on how to approach some of the challenges that these paths can kick up. A good reminder too of how much of a part the admin side plays in all of these creative bits pieces. Refreshingly honest with some mighty fine practical advice too – do your ears a favour and get this shoved in them pronto.

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