#105 The Tempest Two
posted on 15/08/16


Rowing across the Atlantic for 54 days straight, in a seven metre long boat (having never been in one before!), over Christmas Day, through a hurricane and dealing with broken oar and a tanker nearly navigating in to you…and they enjoyed it?! The Tempest Two are adventurers, inspirational speakers and marketing consultants Tom Caulfield and James Whittle. Friends for seven years, after a bit of a boozy night celebrating Tom’s Mum’s recent midlife crisis adventure, Tom decided he needed one of his own. He embraced this quarter life crisis urge, looped in James and they pair set about on 18 months of preparation for the trip of a lifetime.

This natter is fascinating. It so clearly illustrates the power of what you can do if you really put your mind to it, all be it backed up with some un-shakeable confidence. It’s also an incredible insight in to what these amazing human bodies of ours can achieve and adapt too in the most extraordinary of circumstances. If you’re need of a strong dose of inspiration or encouragement with your own adventure then this is absolutely it!

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Emily Chiswell:

5 years ago

mum or no mum it's inspiring all round! so glad you enjoyed it.

Claire Whittle:

5 years ago

I loved hearing this. Even though I'm James Mum I learnt lots about all their plans and felt extremely inspired and proud all over again! Well done James and Tom.