#107 Hubbub.co.uk with The Bread & Butter Festival
posted on 14/09/16


Hubbub.co.uk are on a mission to help small shops compete with big supermarkets by delivering food and drink from London’s best independent’s right to your doorstep. Founded by Marisa Leaf this rather special pod of ours is the first of a little series we’re making for our food festival friends The Bread & Butter Festival.

The ace little idea that is Hubbub came to Marisa when she decided to leave her job as a human rights solicitor and focus on something a little bit different. With bonkers work hours she was only too aware of how tricky it was to buy good quality, fresh food that came from an independent source rather than the big old supermarket monsters. So dun-dah-dah, Hubbub.co.uk.

This pod is absolutely stuffed full of advice from a company that started with personal deliveries from Marisa (once she got her driver’s licence that was!) through all sorts of different inspiring and encouraging investment stages and some darn loyal customers. Get your ears stuck in pronto!

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