#14 Wake Up To Muff
posted on 21/05/12


Now this guy is what Passion Pods is all about. With a name like Wake Up To Muff, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t slightly nervous about meeting Virgil Tibbs but when you break down his simple formula all is forgotten. He’s a Traffic Controller for TFL but he loves baking + he loves cycling + he loves people = Wake Up To Muff.

So the deal is, Virgil bakes a batch of muffins, picks 12 names from his WUTM Facebook group, and then cycles around London delivering his freshly baked goods FOR FREE. Dreamy or what!? I just adore the fact that he’s just moushed together his favourite things AND other peeps get to benefit from the combo as well…double win. No money changes hands with this lot, just heaps of fun, jolliness and some hot dang tasty muffins. So what do you reckon, what bits and bobs do you love doing that you could combine to put that hop back in to your skip and jump?

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