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#20 Delayed Gratification
posted on 09/07/12


Copies of this magazine shaped Passion Pod, “Delayed Gratification”,are always tricky to prise from the clutches of friends and family; a pretty mighty sign that these guys are on to a winner. Set up by journalists Rob Orchard and Marcus Webb, this publication is all about taking its time. Produced quarterly it looks (and smells!) ridiculously beautiful. It pootles its way back through the bits and bobs that have been going on over the last few months and with the benefit of hindsight, prides itself on “being the last to breaking news”. V clever and massively refreshing.

But the truly bestest thing about this week’s Passion Pod is that after a year and half of DG being up and running, the day that we chatted to Rob was his first one working full time on it. If that doesn’t encourage your Passion Pod juices, what on earth will?

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