#32 Open Play
posted on 22/07/13


Sports bods rejoice! Are you fed up with booking a football pitch to find that someone else is already playing on it when you get there? Or perhaps you’re exhausted by you endeavours to find out how much your local tennis court charges with only their price list online from 1992 as a reference? You need to know about Open Play; a brand new website that enables you to compare, find and book local sport facilities online.

Founder Sam Parton had the idea for the site a few years back and after a few other fillings in his career sandwich (namely a Grad Scheme at a big car manufacturers and a stint working for another start-up) has finally taken the plunge to work on Open Play full time. And, with one London council already up and running on the system and another couple of potentials bubbling away, it seems that decision was a mighty fine one.

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