#33 Ben Webb
posted on 05/08/13


Having written 5 plays and a film within one year without really realising that he had,  Ben Webb is now starting to accept that one of the strings to his bow is that he is a writer…well at least for this moment in time anyway.

After publishing a trilogy of plays, Ben’s current flavour du jour is his trilogy of short films that he’s making with film director Poppy Skold. And it’s no coincidence that both are triple whammy’s. Ben isn’t in a rush with his writing, in fact it’s quite the opposite as he’s keen to give his projects real time to develop which is rather refreshing in this old rush fest that we’re living in. It seems that this tri-team tactic gives Ben the perfect excuse to revisit and learn from the work that he’s making. But he is leading a double life. A firm believer that being a writer doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make it your career, he straddles both his creative projects and his career in the Charity Sector. So according to Ben there really is no excuse; if you’re a writer, get writing – don’t feel it has to define you. But if not, don’t keep saying that you are. Big fan of that there thinking.

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