#35 Itchy Feet
posted on 09/09/13


What do frozen yoghurt, brightly coloured suits and Rock and Roll music have in common? Leo Bedford, that’s what. A man with his fingers in a many a pie, he’s a young entrepreneur in capitals, bold and underlined.

A self-confessed rubbish Drum & Bass DJ, his discovery of Rock and Roll music at university led to him set up Itchy Feet . A club night based around super cheap 99p entry, spanking Rock and Roll music and lots of other students; a match made in University heaven surely? Well, apparently so. After Uni and a quick dabble as an investment banker, he decided to give Itchy Feet a proper go. So now, with management running that and his frozen yoghurt company, as well as  his freshly purchased new suit company cohabiting under his ever expanding umbrella, it seems that decision  was a darn goodie.

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