#36 The Piper Gallery
posted on 23/09/13


Who knew that a train from Birmingham and the No.91 bus were the places to hang out to develop your business idea. Gallerist Megan Piper didn’t really realise it either until she was sitting on them both hatching hers.

A far cry from the stall she used to run in Camden Market selling a few home-made wares, she now runs an art gallery just off Oxford Street. The Piper Gallery represents artists whose careers have spanned 40 years or more. And don’t go making the mistake that the qualifying factor is just that an artist is older; not the idea at all. Megan and team are showcasing artists whose careers have continued since the 60’s/70’s/80’s but for one reason or another have slipped under the radar. So, less about their age, more about their careers kind of vibe. The only age around The Piper Gallery that has any great significance, is that they’ve just celebrated their 1st birthday. Here’s to many more we say!

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