#37 Sir Plus
posted on 07/10/13


Feeling a bit miffed that boys didn’t seem to have as many jazzy underwear brands to choose from as girls, Henry Hales embarked on a mission to make boxer shorts – as you do, simple as that right? Well no, of course not. Hello, start-up?! He discovered that making his own brand of them was going to be mega complicated and involve an unpleasantly costly production process – not cool.

Well actually, it did turn out to be a discovery that was massively cool because it meant that he ended up creating Sir Plus. He now makes boxer shorts, t-shirts, waistcoats & jumpers using the surplus fabrics  from the quality tailors  that he got chatting to about his original idea. Wading through all of their off-cuts (or to use the industry term – their cabbage!) was just what gave Henry the idea to snaffle them up and begin to compile his creations. It means that his gear is now not only original, but also handmade in England and sustainable. Tick, tick and very much tick.

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Daniel Scott:

7 years ago

Love what Henry's doing. My jerkin waistcoat has a lot of admirers and is a great temperature regulator, as well as being both casual and smart. Long live Sir Plus!

Jack Brown:

7 years ago

No holding Henry and Sir Plus. Winner's all the way .