#38 Urby Whale
posted on 21/10/13


With a name like this, it’s not hard to hazard a guess which band this guy plays in, is it? Nearly didn’t happen though. His Dad, as many a-caring parent would, tried to persuade him to jack it all in and become and lawyer. To be honest, he had a point. At that stage Urby’s gigging meant that he was often going for 4 days without a shower; less fresh than your average.

However, despite such tantalising offers, music won out. Having tinkled around on a violin as a kid, moving through to the harmonium & glockenspiel (I kiddeth you not), Urby is now playing (mainly) guitar in Noah and The Whale. So, he’s a boy with an obsession for all things music and seemingly being in bands named after unusual mammals. From his first endeavour, The Nuclear Toads, via one at Uni called Hunting Dodo, he’s now been hanging out with the Whale shaped one for a fair few years now. Here’s to the many more of those years we say.

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