#39 Olexei
posted on 11/11/13


When you hear the word vintage, it can be a mixture of “yay, unique & original” as well as “boo, moth-eaten cardie rifling”. Well, that’s why we all need to know about Olexi: a website that’s encouraging people to look at vintage clothes in a different way. They specialise in clothing with history, that’s shopped by location rather than by era.  They best way to understand it all is to use their first collection “01 JAPAN” (which was snapped up by Topshop no less) as an example. Numerous Kimonos, all hand chosen from one country and all with their own story. A delectable melting pot of design and drama.

Olexi is run by Alex Macdonald; a fashion designer by trade and now a trend forecaster and entrepreneur by day. After all sorts of different shaped ideas over the years, Olexei has finally given her the spark she needed to set up on her own. And thank goodness for that, because not only does that mean she’s finally getting to more of what she wants, but we think it’s a pretty brilltastic and original way of doing so.


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