#4 La Piadina Pronta
posted on 26/02/12


This week’s Passion Pod La Piadina Pronta comes with a warning – before you listen to it make sure you’re not feeling too peckish because if you’ve got the slightest of tummy rumbles this is guaranteed to whack them up a notch or five.

Half Italian and half English, born and brought up in South Africa and Zimbabwe and now running a food stall based in East London: there’s one thing this lady ain’t and that’s boring. Coming from Italy’s northern “foodie” region of Emilia Romana, Alex Martinelli who is based just off Brick Lane, has finally taken her Italian grandfather’s idea of “selling piadina to the English” and is  doing exactly that. This salivatingly delicious regional speciality is stuffed full of fresh and simple Italian ingredients. Go and try one and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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