#40 May The Thoughts Be With You
posted on 26/11/13


If you were to hand pick a Passion Pod to have, this could well be it. Written and designed by Charlotte Reed, May The Thoughts Be With You is a book of positive and inspirational nuggets that swap the commonly associated twee-ness for a bit of light humour. All terribly Passion Pod-esque.

What started out as slightly more interesting Facebook status’ than the usual “what-I-had-for-breakfast”, became Charlotte’s Passion Pod after a horrible illness forced her in to shimmying a few bits around. She had run out of options of how to fill her time and so, as is so often the case, plumped for the very thing that was staring her in the face. She decided to pair her mindly musings with fun little stick figures and dun-dah-dah her 9-5 job was gone and her very first book was borneth. And what wonderous news that is and we’re massively grateful. On this quest as well you know, bite-size bits of positivity and encouragement like Charlotte’s are such precious little pieces.

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7 years ago

very very nice book

Emily Chiswell:

7 years ago

it was 100% our pleasure! so glad you enjoyed the listen.


7 years ago

My friend bought me this book for my birthday. I love it. It is has really helped me with life's difficult stuff. Thank you Charlotte. Thank you Passion Pods for sharing this inspiring story.