#41 Kristian Brodie
posted on 12/05/14


A defeat of 31-0. It ain’t good news for any football team really, apart from American Samoa that is. That eye watering score line was exactly what fired up Film Producer Kirstian Brodie’s intrigue and  dun-dah-dah their story has just been released as a Feature film “Next Goal Wins”. Talk about silver linings. More gold really isn’t it.

After a dot of dabbling in Journalism, a stint at a TV Agency and then a spot of Film Sales, it all came together for football passionata Kristian Brodie when he started working at production company Agile Films. The idea for the film was born initially after Kristian was kindly ‘let go’ (yeah, you get me) from his first job and had the luxury of a bit of summer sofa slumping in front of the Football World Cup. Chuck in an encouraging natter with his mates Mike Brett and Steve Jamison from fellow production company Archers Mark and a new job that meant he was surrounded by all the gear needed to make a feature film , and “Next Goal Wins” was finally born. It was the unbelievable dollop of meant-to-be’ness though that makes American Samoa’s story such a magical one to tell. We don’t want to ruin it. We know what Football fans can be like, not worth our while quite frankly, but it has been described as the next “Cool Runnings”. Yeah, sure, that is a big statement but having finally now seen it, we think that’s pretty bang on.

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