#42 Zoe Jones
posted on 23/06/14


Zoe Jones is a Handbalancer. A what? A Handbalancer. She balances on her hands. Yeah, not too tough to work out is it really but it seems a lot of us have to ask at least twice before we understand what it is she says she does. Definitely worth the perseverance though.

After 12 years or so as a competitive gymnast, an ankle injury meant that Zoe had to do an about turn. It took her via a Photography degree in California which then led her back to London and the ever familiar passion vs bar & temp job balancing. It was during one of those temp office based afternoon daydream sessions (an ever so familiar pastime, yes?) that she stumbled across pictures of a friend doing a bit of silk swinging from the ceiling. After a taster course that refreshed her love of all things acrobaty & gymnastic, Zoe braved the “clown college” jokes and enrolled on a circus course full time. Not so funny now as she’s currently making her living performing and teaching her craft. So two fingers up to those that were giggling at her hey? Or maybe not in this case, those hands are important. Could be dangerous.

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