#43 Tristan Bernays
posted on 28/05/14


How’s about acting in a one man show that you’ve written entirely in Iambic Pentameter? No sweat, right. Well apparently not. Writer and Performer Tristan Bernays has done exactly that with The Bread and The Beer, reviving the age old tradition of epic poetry and giving it his own personal mouthpiece. It really is quite a mind-blowing watch.

With a Drama degree, then Drama school, followed by two and half years in Theatre Production under his belt, Tristan has now come back home to roost on his new acting/writing perch. For a while it didn’t seem likely. Putting up a 4 tonne steel set for the 84th time to perform in a piece in the pouring rain wearing a ladies dress left a pretty unpleasant actoring taste in his mouth. Who can blame him. But, it did mean that he began to write and that is why he’s back performing. This time because of the writing, it is very much on his own terms and without the dress. For now anyway. Which if you get to see him perform is quite fantabulous news for all, on both accounts.

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