#44 Potage
posted on 12/01/15


Potage’s goal is to make eating well easy. Freshly prepared, organic, locally sourced meals delivered to your doorstep. A healthy home cooked delivery. Yes. This is officially one of the best ideas around. Fact.

After Uni adventures that were much more stuffed full of event organising and fundraising than any sort of degree work action, founder Georgia Cummings got hooked on creating her own little bits and pieces. As is often the case though, ‘real job-itus’ got in the way and after 2 years working in Marketing she felt stuck. For some, the answers are in tea leaves at the bottom of a cup but for Georgia it turned out they were in the shape of potato at the bottom of a pot of stew. Spare time was then an alien concept for a bit, ramming every available second with researching, supper clubbing, website designing before she finally quit her job and set up Potage. A few years on and now working with a team of 9 people it’s pretty clear that after sampling a few of said “Potages” myself, I can vouch that she’s making a mighty tasty job of it.

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