#45 The News Hub
posted on 26/01/15


An unbiased, open, global journalism platform that pays its most popular contributors, coaches them too if needs be and also lets them retain ownership of what they write. As a user it’s also totally bespoke, allowing you to pick and choose what content you want to see for free. Personalised news if you will. Try wrapping your brain gear around that one! Well don’t worry, you really don’t have to because Will Stolerman has done exactly that by founding The News Hub

With a background in Journalism and a few embryonic failed start up ideas Will was determined not to hop around the small fry problems that the News industry was having moving in to a digital age, but to face the big fat ones they were struggling with and battle them head on. A big task indeed but The News Hub is now alive and kicking and with 200,000 users this month alone it looks like those kicks are just set to get bigger and stronger.


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