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#46 Cuckoo
posted on 09/02/15


Think of Museli. Dusty dry oats, claggy, bland? Think again. How’s about Choco Sour Cherry, Elderflower & Cranberry or (my particular fave having guzzled from many of their pots now) Mango, Coconut, Ginger & Lime. Put that in your boring flavourless Museli pipe and munch it.

Cuckoo  was founded by Lucy and Anna, a couple of ladies who’ve been school friends since the age of 13. These on-the-go Bircher Museli delights of theirs have no added anything, just oats, yoghurt, fruit and linseeds. Healthy, filling and tasty. And unsurprisingly for all of us that constantly moan about the lack of quick, pickupable-when-you’re-out-and-about, healthy breakfast options this Passion Pod of theirs is growing Speedy Gonzales style. Having only launched back in December 2013 in Selfridges no less, you can now find them all over the place. Waitrose, Harvey Nichs, Jamie Oliver’s Recipease and now even whilst you’re chugging along on board Great Western Trains. Rather unsurprisingly our money’s on that list just getting longer and longer.

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Emily Chiswell:

5 years ago

couldn't agree more!

Jenny Wright:

5 years ago

Fantastic product that deserves to be on all the shelves