#49 Clocked
posted on 20/04/15


So via a background in telecommunications, advertising and then cloud services Ben Lambert has founded a dating app. It’s called Clocked and that’s what has brought him to the Passion Pod party. And, excuse us while we go all M&S but…it’s not just any old dating app  this is a dating app that makes the whole thing more efficient. Yes please!

We’re a busy bunch and our time feels more precious than ever so Ben and his rapidly expanding Clocked crew are on a mission to make the whole dating palava fit in with exactly that. No millions of profile questions to answer, no random non-existent members just some clever social media match ups and you’re hot to trot. It’s taking your dating seriously but you get to have fun doing it. Win. Oooo and extra bonus points for the countdown clock bit too. Makes us fee like a real life version of Cinderella. Well, as close as we ever will quite frankly. So what are you waiting for?

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