#50 Brett Akker
posted on 22/06/15


Did you know that Brett Akker founder of Streetcar and more recently Lovespace spent years wanting to start a business but didn’t have the idea to go with it. Refreshing to hear that right? Definitely encouragement worthy of our 50th Passion Pod!

We know these things often take time but after a first chat at uni, another a few years afterwards, it was only after the natter a few years after that that Brett and his business partner finally got on it. Still working 9-5 in their corporate jobs magasines were trawled, meetings were had, trends were looked at and then Streetcar was born. As if it was as simple as that? Well actually, it seems it kind of was?!

Fast forward a few years and there are less cars and more cardboard. Brett’s knee deep in his new venture – Lovespace which allows you to store whatever you don’t want lying around, one box at a time. Using Streetcar’s proven formula of convenience and cost saving as the two biggies, he’s applying exactly that to self storage. And no pressure, but if Streetcar’s anything to go by…

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