#51 Pocket Arts
posted on 29/06/15


East London seems to hog all the creative juices these days but Lucy at Pocket Arts is on a mission to change some of that. Bringing creative people together in West London to make all sorts of fun things happen. Pop up shops, open studios, exhibitions – that’s their vibe and it’s a goodie.

After a few years in the high end commercial art world Lucy found herself disillusioned with all of it’s focus on the dollar instead of the art and the people. She’d moved to work for a local council’s art team and it was while she was beavering away there that a friend offered her the space for Pop Up Numero Uno. Actual proof that sometimes these things do happen! Worth mentioning the Pop Up space hunt hasn’t followed with that ease every time but that’s exactly what makes this Passion Pod such a winner – especially if you’re thinking of doing any thing pop-up shopy. Feast your ears!

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