#53 Anna the Hulagan
posted on 13/07/15


A self taught hula hooper following a revelation at Burning Man – you can imagine why we were slightly over excited about chatting to this Passion Podder! Anna Byrne makes her hoop shaped living through three different bits. She performs weekly as Anna the Hulagan at Cafe de Paris just off Leicester Square. She’s also the founder of YouHoop, spreading the hula hooping joy to kids in schools and more recently has set up HulaFit with her husband which does what it says on the tin really and focuses on getting people fit through hoop whirling.

So it’s all come a long way from her in a park sobbing after her first failed hula-hooping attempt hasn’t it? She’s now facing a different challenge – how to continue doing what she loves by letting go a bit and allowing her businesses to grow around her. Exciting times and for a mega inspirer like this little lady, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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