#55 Joe Ray
posted on 27/07/15


It’s quite something isn’t it when a Grammy winning musician who’s first album went to no 1 in the UK still questions whether one day he’s going to have to get a ‘real’ job?! Bonkers, right? That’s just why Passion Pods was set up though – well one of the reasons anyway, to help pipe down questions like that when they pop up on their all too regular basis.

Joe is one of the three that makes up electro group Nero and apparently all you need to do to get where he’s at is a degree in French & Philosophy, a brief stint in recruitment and AOL’s Instant Messenger. Yeah, simple as that. Oh and loads of bloody hard work. This Passion Pod is stuffed to the rafters with advice from Joe about the challenges that we all face on these self driven adventures…regardless of whether you’ve played Glastonbury or not.

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