#56 Ellie White
posted on 03/08/15


Don’t ask Ellie White what she does. Actually you should because the reaction you’re going to get is definitely worth it. A writer performer is what she’s going with although comedy should definitely be chucked in there somewhere.

After doing loads of it at uni she became part of quite a little posse which includes Charlotte Ritchie of Fresh Meat fame and Jamie Demetriou who’s also busy in the same world. After going off to do other bits and pieces she got the chance to open up Jamie’s show up in Edinburgh with a little 10 minute set. A serious I-don’t-want-to-do-this-but-I-know-I-need-to-say-yes moment. Then it was full-timetastic from there with a part in Vic & Bob’s recent House of Fools. So, even though like a lot of people we chat to she still has this slight identity crisis about that fact this is actually what she does for a living, the work she’s making says something quite different.

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