#60 Flowers by Daisy
posted on 31/08/15


Taking a year off to try everything. Sounds pretty wild right?! Well how’s about going to Azerbaijan to work  instead of going to Glastonbury with your best mates to party? Hmmm…yeah, not quite the kind of wild we’re after perhaps. Daisy is definitely one who knows about the sacrifices needed to set up on your own. She’s also now getting to see how they can pay off though! (Hello recent shoot in Style magasine and ever expanding customer base).

Hitting the middle ground between luxury fancy pant delivery and bog standard supermarket numbers, Flowers by Daisy delivers natural looking fresh, seasonal flowers on a subscription basis. She’s all about keeping us city folk in touch with nature’s gawgeous seasons through her little deliveries of joy.

This podcast really captures those all to familiar feelings of where on earth to begin with a less “conventional” job route. It also has some pretty banging advice on how important it is to rise above the panicy voice that tells you that time off = missed opportunities and take some time out every now and again. Sound advice if ever there was some!

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