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#61 Tallulah Brown
posted on 07/09/15


Writer Tallulah Brown couldn’t believe her luck when she discovered script writing. Telling stories by writing conversations and not having to worry about those hateful commas and punctuation. Our kind of gal! With one of the most contagious laughs around it’s a total joy to jump in to the imagination of this lady for a bit. She keeps herself seriously busy not only with her writing but also with a spot of singing too with her band The Trills (who recently added their pipes to the trailer for new movie Suffragette by the way – oo er!)

Tallulah’s got a great how-do-you-get-there story which involves a damning three word Edinburgh review and some pretty spectacularly inspiring female mentors. With Soho Theatre, Channel 4 and The Sunday Times all backing her now as well all sorts of Audience Choice awards to her name, perhaps that’s just the combo one needs to get this writing game rolling hey?!



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