#62 Shuttlecock’s Carousel
posted on 21/09/15


Think Secret Cinema meets permanent pop-up and you’ve got Shuttlecock. Founded by Ed Templeton along with his brother Ollie and cousins Will and Anna their latest project restaurant Carousel,  brings together super exciting chefs from around the world for a stint in a London kitchen for a couple of weeks. The restaurant itself sits merrily in the middle of their building in Marylebone that’s split across three floors and stuffed full of all sorts of continuously changing creative events. Art exhibitions, workshops, talks, pop ups, parties…you name it, they’ve it going on. A pretty delicious place to work all round.

And this awesome foursome have one heck of a story to tell about how it all came about too.  A grumbly car journey turned mega brainstorming session, followed by some seriously hard graft and a fairly hefty dollop of magical oppportunites. Ed just oozes enthusiasm and passion for what he’s up to too – you’d struggle to write a start up tale like this if you tried!

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