#64 San Francisco – Thanx
posted on 05/10/15


So yes, it’s now official. Passion Pods has gone global. Well, across the pond at least. The first of our four podcasts from San Francisco comes courtesy of Zach from Thanx. A Management Consultant at Bain, Zach was helping companies build their customer loyalty. Big brands, big money. Cue light bulb moment. Surely these tools could be packaged differently to make it easier and cheaper for businesses to achieve the same goal? Hello Thanx. Helping businesses find out who their best customers are so that they can deepen those relationships without paying an arm and a leg. A whole new approach to keeping the customers that like you coming back.

And it’s not just their business that’s providing a new solution, Zach’s attitude towards his team at Thanx is shaking stuff up too. Building a workplace where people can build a career rather than just soak up a bit of the buzz of what it’s like to work for a startup, is also pretty inspiring. Along with some very honest advice too, this is refreshing stuff all round quite frankly.


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