#65 San Francisco – Adam Greenfield
posted on 12/10/15


Adam Greenfield is a Community Organiser based in San Francisco. He connects people in a way that’s less of the toe curling networky vibe and more of the ‘hey, meet your neighbour’. Sounds good right? A Law Degree and a Masters in Electronic Communication Adam stumbled in to this game. All he wanted was to host a get together for the people in his area but was hit by one big fat old hurdle: where do we come together when we want to come together? And so it began.

Adam and his crew are fighting the barriers that spring up from the isolating city environments in the US, with all sorts. Block parties (translates this side of the pond as street parties just FYI), building benches, babysitting…nothing huge, just small scale, super effective and beneficial stuff all round. So it probs ain’t that surprising that this natter of his is stuffed full of inspiring advice about setting off on your own adventure. Loads of ace examples of what a difference tiny wee gestures that we can make can give to us as individuals, as well as the wider communities that we’re living in. Pretty darn magical stuff.

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