#66 San Francisco – Pakible
posted on 19/10/15


Packaging. Something few of us think about but most of us give a good ooo and ahh to if it’s done well. Co-ordinating all the different factors that are needed to pull it off though is headache central, especially if you don’t want to order it in your thousands. Just the issue Phillip Akhzar was having before he founded Pakible. Your one stop shop for custom packaging for products; branded, printed and delivered at any quantity and you can do it all online.

With a background in Industrial Engineering and a bit of time working at Boeing, Phillip has downsized juuuust a little on the things that he’s now creating but so far it seems to have been worth it. However it’s one thing being busy and a whole other ball game staying so and there’s some great advice in this natter about that next bit. So go on, get yourself stuck in to it why don’t ya!

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