#67 San Francisco – Sprogs
posted on 26/10/15


From the marketing and product development for whopper brands like Haagen Dazs and Kettle Chips to making the fresh, wholesome food that is Sprogs. Quite the change for Ching-Yee . She’s the brain power behind this convenient, healthy, fresh snack that’s designed for us to eat on the go. Say goodbye to all those storecupboard, never-go-off, grab-as-you’re-running-out-of-the-door numbers – these have to be the way forward.

Hard work mind.  Ching-Yee’s on a mission to show that fresh snacks like these can be done scalably and profitably which certainly ain’t no easy task. But that’s what makes this chinwag such an inspiring one. Such honesty about the shift from working as part of a team to being on your lonesome and a fascinating insight too about the barriers that restrict the big boys from joining this fresh food party. Oh and also the very frank confession that this is the hardest and scariest thing that she’s ever done. Hear her on that one right?!

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