#68 Iris London
posted on 02/11/15


Beautiful, feminine, wearable, pretty and made right here in the UK with a whole load of love: Iris London is lingerie that we that we all want to own quite frankly. Which makes it ever more surprising that it’s founder Ellie Simpson-Gray started it off by way of a Politics degree. Definitely not what one would automatically team up with these pretty knicks!

After a research project in her post-uni advertising job called for some investigation in to the world of all things intimate wear, Ellie was smitten. A couple of short courses later and she was bra and pant sets a go-go. Well along with all the startup struggles too – let’s be realistic here. The ace thing with this little lady’s natter though is that she’s really super honest about those struggles…how lonely it can be, how tough it is to have confidence in what you’re doing. But it’s not good and proper to have one without the other is it? She’s also got tales of getting that first big order in, being called to make bespoke bits for Dazed & Confused…ever the inspiration that’s for sure.

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