#69 Georgina Fuggle
posted on 09/11/15


So what job can you do if you want to work in food but not in catering? Hello Georgina Fuggle. A walking, talking, writing, cooking, photographing, blogging, styling example. Food writing mainly these days Georgina went from spraying edible delights with water and oil as a stylist, publishing about it for Sainsbury’s mags before clinching her first book deal. Right now she’s in the middle of writing her third book as well as pouring her joy in to her delicious blog and oh yeah, she’s just launched a food inspired jewellery collection working with Action Against Hunger. And all with two kids under 3. Yeah she’s as close to superwoman as you’re going to find quite frankly.

A great insight in to a really niche little industry that seems to be buzzing with collaborations and super inspiring creative relationships, this pod is absolutely stuffed full of encouragement. A firm believer that if “something’s worth doing it’s worth doing badly” this is a lady that’s all about giving things a go – trying not to get your knickers in a twist thinking about it all too much. Mega inspiring stuff.


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