#70 Doisy & Dam
posted on 16/11/15


Super eye-catching designs and even more eye-catching flavour combos, Doisy & Dam are on a mission to raise food’s game. Starting with their range of bonkersly tasty chocolate bars (and yes, we do say that from much very enjoyable experience), they’re fighting against unnecessary ingredients and championing the natural good stuff. Healthy and indulgent; dream combo or what?!

Friends for 20 years, Ed and Rich have always wanted to set up a business together but with their backgrounds in Marketing and Finance respectively, chocolate concocting sure wasn’t the obvious choice. But these two aren’t ones to hang around and with funds of just £5500 each, they had their sumptuous new product on the shelf within just three months of conception. And that’s what makes this Passion Pod such a darn fine example of what can be achieved by this learning-and-developing-as-you-go approach. It’s also crammed full of examples of the power that face to face communication still has in our speedy digital age, which is as much a joy to our ears as their chocolate bars are to our ever tubbier stomachs.

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