#71 Abi Elphinstone
posted on 23/11/15


Romany Gypsies, witch doctors, tree ghouls, sea caves; Abi Elphinstone‘s children’s triology is pure imagination fertilizer. Kicking off with The Dream Snatcher and followed next year by The Shadow Keeper, the magical adventures in her books are infectious. Living with Eagle Hunters, off to spend some time next year living in an Igloo this lady ain’t mucking around when it comes to her research!

After working in PR and doing some teaching, what’s really fantastic about this precious Passion Podder is her journey to get to where she is now. Not one to be deterred Abi wrote three entire books and was rejected by 96 agents before this trilogy was born. Unsurprisingly she’s a big champion of the fact that most creative things involve a lot of failing along the way and boy is she proof of that pudding!


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