#72 Lexie Sport
posted on 30/11/15


Women’s sportswear that’s contemporary, designed by women, not salmon pink or astronomically priced and made in the UK. Refreshing, that’s what Lily Rice’s Lexie range is. She’s on a mission to inspire women and girls to get in to sport with pieces that they’re actually going to want to wear. None of this tracksuit-stolen-from-your-brother lark or kit left over from  your school days. Sportswear that you’ll be happy wearing outside the gym just as much as in it.

Merging her two big passions, fashion and football Lily created Lexie by way of a foundation at Central St Martins followed by a sportswear course at Falmouth. Oh and a tv show which saw her winning investment from Richard Reed of Innocent Smoothie fame. Fairytale sprinklings for sure but there’s also been retail work and moving back with her parents at points too to make this happen. Seems to be paying off now though doesn’t it?!


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