#73 Biz
posted on 07/12/15


Biz is quite the human. Not only has his work been published in the New Statesman, the Times Literary Supplement,  New Internationalist to name just a few, but he’s also a Trustee of the Sony Award-winning radio station Resonance FM, (having formerly broadcast the series ‘2020 Visions‘ ) and also advises NGOs working around human rights and social justice. Oh and in his spare time he hosts and organises the odd free community event and cultural debate for the likes for Secret Cinema, Peckham Hotel and Shuffle Festival. Yes, is an actual real person – promise.

He’s all about history, politics and people. His writing takes time and he buries himself in books and libraries a lot too, choosing to write articles semi-regularly that he’s really rather proud of. Not the most lucrative of options for sure but as per above, he does his other bits too to cover that. He’s refreshing too for a writer because although he’s making a living from voicing his opinion he’s also super up for everyone doing the same.  A belief at his very core that everyone’s opinion is as valid – not just those that we perceive as more powerful, more educated, more knowledgeable. So come on, what are you waiting for?!

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