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#74 Emily Doran Pottery
posted on 14/12/15


Sitting at a wheel squishing and squelching clay for a living – Emily Doran has got this job thing nailed.  With her range of rustic, earthy, seaside-colour inspired handmade bowls, mugs, pots, vases, jugs…she’s a studio potter in action in 2015, who’d have thunk it?!

After choosing a History of Art degree over the more hands-on Art route, she built a super successful career for 5 years in galleries and marketing. Then a studio visit changed everything. She saw makers getting grimey and dirty and wanted a piece of the action and now her wondrous tableware creations are stocked in shops all over the country – including one you might have heard of, Liberty. Yeah, that little place.

Emily’s biggest challenge actually makes this pod rather a unique listen though. Along with the usual self-employed hurdles, she’s really been challenged by the actual making, and still is three years in. Definitely makes for a slightly different listen than some of our other podders. Doesn’t seem to be holding her back though too much does it?!


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