#75 Earth Education Project & Chureca Chic
posted on 21/12/15


Chureca Chic is a range of high end fashion accessories made from recycled materials by women who live on Nicaragua’s rubbish dump ‘La Chureca’. All the makers are students on the Earth Education Project – a year long scolarship programme which not only employs and educates these ladies but is also being replicated and sold on to other NGO’s as an additional revenue source for the chartiy. Founder Andrea Paltzer has sure got some natty ways of getting this NGO of hers to the self sustainable place that she wants it to be!

And it’s working.  2016 will see their team expanding from 3 to 11 including the employment of a few of the graduates from the programme itself which is just mega news. As with all these self starting wonders though, Andrea’s passion hunt has not been without it’s fair stack of hurdles. She’s a big fan of being open to the twists and turns that these take you on though. This pod of hers is a cracking example of just how those ‘failures’ get you closer to where you want to be. even if it’s not quite in the way that you imagined it! Inspiring ear fodder in bucket loads.


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