#76 Emma Gannon
posted on 11/01/16


Oooo it’s a beauty this one! Emma Gannon oozes passion for what she does from her every pore and it’s mighty infectious. She’s a blogger via Girl Lost In The City, general social media guru and this year is adding published author to that list too with the release of Ctrl, Alt; Delete. This lady is making a living from writing exactly what she wants to when she wants to. Impressive and inspiring all in one scribble filled nutshell.

Had it’s fair share of hurdles though, obvs. She was told on her last day of uni when she was giving in her dissertation that she should never be a writer. Lucky she didn’t listen tooooo closely to that nugget. Emma is cracking proof in human form that with a bit of practice and mistake making, a fair chunk of hardcore research and a sprinkling of pure obsession and a lot of love for what she’s doing, that this writing game absolutely can be done. Love a bit of that.

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