#77 Emily Thornton
posted on 18/01/16


There’s definitely still an element of complete disbelief from painter Emily Thornton that she’s actually getting to do this as her job every day. It’s infectiously endearing. Having done all sorts of different bits and pieces she lived out a classic cliche by returning from a trip to India with the decision to finally give this passion of hers a proper crack.

Some great honesty from Emily in this podcast about the things that she’s found challenging on this adventure of hers. How do you balance commissions versus the work that you’re wanting to create? How does it feel to work on your own for months and then suddenly share everything with everyone at an exhibition in one big hit? Downright terrifying really but it certainly doesn’t seem to have cancelled out the good bits for her that’s for sure!

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Emily Chiswell:

5 years ago

well that's just what we like to hear! thanks so much for your feedback. so appreciate it :)

Melinda Swann:

5 years ago

Enchanting interview. Loved it!