#78 Olia Hercules
posted on 25/01/16


When you think of food from the Ukraine you think of watermelon right? No, us neither but apparently that’s where we’re going wrong. Proving to the world that Eastern European food isn’t just potatoes and dumplings chef, food writer, food stylist Olia Hercules is on a mission and yes, she absolutely does have one of THE best names around!

Training as a translator and then moving in to film journalism, a redundancy finally gave Olia the push in to this world that she needed. She now fills her week’s with all sorts of food related amazingness and has a cook book under belt – Mamushka – that is stuffed full of recipes that we’ll put our money on, you wouldn’t imagine are Eastern European. She’s all about good quality, simple ingredients and is an expert at making you salivate even just from her pictures. And, having sampled my very own specially created breakfast just before we had our natter (extra brownie points), I can absolutely assure you that these culinary creations of hers taste just as good as they look, if not better!

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