#79 Art Against Knives
posted on 01/02/16


Art student Oliver Hemsley was left paralysed aged 21 following an unprovoked stabbing attack. There’s no way of glossing over this horrendousness but the beauty that’s been born from the depths of it’s ugliness is the frickin awesome charity Art Against Knives. Set up by Oliver and his mate Katy these guys are working to support young people that are at risk of violent crime through creative projects that are actually determined and designed by the young people themselves.

Art Against Knives has been super open and flexible about what is was right from it’s early days. It actually started out as a one-off art auction to raise some money for Oliver’s care but then Antony Gormley, Banksy and Tracey Emin all started donating artwork – true story – giving these guys a much bigger platform to raise awareness of what they were chatting about. Would have been a right old waste just to leave it there wouldn’t it?!


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